Not only are Nibblish ‘bananas’ about their range of gently baked fruit, they believe in doing the right thing and giving back. They help more than 1,000 small growers around the world to grow better quality fruit with a higher yield. Their facilities all use solar power for lighting and their no waste policy includes using methane from the fruit for power, coconut rusks to heat up the dryers, anything left over from that goes back to the fields to fertilise the next crop of fruit.

Nibblish pick their premium fruit when it’s ripe and at its most nutritious. Then its baked at a very low heat to lock in the goodness - nothing is added, just 100% fruit. The simplicity and good nature of the product inspired me to create designs that were bold and engaging. With the dried fruit category in-store being so crowded, to get customers attention the packaging needed strong standout. This was further enhanced with bright, clean colours, friendly fonts and uncomplicated illustrations displayed energetically on the pack.


“Nicole was and is the driving force behind our packaging at Nibblish. It wouldn’t be overstating it to say her skill, talent and hard work are a key part of our business. She understands not only what will work best from a design perspective but what you as a business need to convey to the customer – sometimes better than we do! Her experience means she will add value way beyond just design. We were so lucky to have found her.”  
Matthew Bennett  |  Nibblish